Top 5 Fantasy Wide Receivers for 2019

1) Julio Jones

Julio Jones should end the season as the number one wide receiver in the league in all formats. In 2018 Jones had 1676 total receiving yards, 113 receptions out of a league high 170 targets, and 8 touchdowns. He finished the 2018 season as the 4th best fantasy wide receiver. He is arguably the most consistent receiver in the league. 170 targets is more than enough to show you that hes Matt Ryan’s go to guy. This season Jones will find the endzone more. His 2019 prediction is 118 receptions, 1588 receiving yards and 12 touchdown receptions making him the best overall wide receiver in 2019.

2) Michael Thomas

Im high on the Saints offense this season. Not only do they have an extremely talented offense, they also have drive with the outcome of their last two playoff appearances. Michael thomas is the number 1 wide receiver in New Orleans and was ranked 7th overall last season with a league high 125 receptions on only 147 targets, 1405 receiving yards and 9 touchdown receptions. If it werent for running back Alvin Kamara soaking up passes and touchdowns, then he would be ranked higher. He will be the 2nd ranked wide reciever in 2019 with 119 receptions for 1521 yards and 8 touchdown receptions.

3) Davante Adams

If you’ve read Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks 2019, you read about the packers coaching change up over the last couple of seasons. After 5 seasons together, Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers have developed a special connection. In 2018 Adams had 111 receptions out of 169 targets for 1386 yards and 13 touchdown receptions. Davante Adams has been a top 5 receiver for the last 2 seasons. I dont expect this to change. Adams will end this season as the 3rd best wide receiver. with 107 receptions for 1280 yards and 12 touchdown receptions.

4) JuJu Smith-Shuster

Now that Antonio Brown is gone, JuJu becomes the man in pittsburg. Brown was the second best reciever in the league last season and JuJu was 9th with 111 receptions out of 166 targets for 1426 yards and 7 touchdown receptions. With Brown gone JuJu will see his targets increase. Now, I dont expect him to have a league high in receptions but it is not out of the realm of possibility. JuJu is an amazing talent and will have an incredible season with 105 receptions for 1347 yards and 10 touchdowns.

5) Tyreek Hill

Assuming Tyreek Hill is not suspended, he will be the number 5 wide receiver in the league. His speed and his down field play ability are off the charts. When this guy gets free theres no stopping him. Between himself, Sammy Watkins, Travis Kelce and running backs Damien Williams and Carlos Hyde, opposing defenses are going to struggle defending this team. Hill was the number one wide receiver in fantasy last season with 87 receptions out of 137 targets for 1479 yards, 12 touchdown receptions, 151 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown. Hes an unbelievable talent on an explosive offense. He will have 92 receptions for 1289 yards, 9 touchdown receptions and 102 rushing yards. He is a draft risk this season due to his off field issues. Mock drafts have him going around the 4th round. If Hill is available in the 4th round, even with suspension looming, hes worth the risk.

6) Deandre Hopkins

I’m adding a 6th top WR in the event that Tyreek Hill is suspsended. Deandre Hopkins was the number 2 wide receiver in fantasy last season. Hopkins is an elite talent and one of the best recievers in the league with play making ability. Will Fuller’s absence helped Hopkins in the rankings last season. I’m expecting a full season out of Fuller and Hopkins target share to decrease. Last season Hopkins had 115 receptions on 163 targets, 1572 recieving yards and 11 touchdowns. He will rank 6th (possibly 5th) in 2019 with 103 receptions for 1290 yards and only 8 touchdowns.

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