Top 5 Fantasy Tight Ends for 2019

1) Zach Ertz

Zach Ertz was the most targeted tight end in the game last season with 156 targets. Ertz came in 3rd last season with 116 receptions for 1163 yards and 8 touchdowns. He tops this list this season because he is Carson Wentz’s favorite target. Ertz saw his targets drop off when Wentz was injured and Nick Foles had to start. Foles didn’t target the tight end position nearly as much as Wentz does. Strange decision since Ertz is an amazing pass catcher and dynamic tight end. If it hadn’t been for the quarterback change there is a very real possibility that Zach Ertz would have ended the 2019 season number 1 overall. If Wentz stays healthy all season then Zach Ertz will be the target hog on the Philadelphia Eagles and end the season with 121 receptions for 1382 yards and 9 touchdowns making him the number 1 overall tight end in fantasy.

2) Travis Kelce

Kelce is an integral part of the most explosive offense in the NFL today. He has been in the top 3 tight end discussion for the last few seasons and will continue to be for seasons to come. His size and play making ability make him dangerous. Add in the fact that is pretty much impossible to double cover any player on this offense, Kelce will end up within the top three tight ends this season. Last season Travis Kelce ended the season 1st overall with 103 receptions out of 150 targets for 1336 yards and 10 touchdowns. With Tyreek Hill’s looming four game suspension and hardest league schedule Kelce will come in second this season with a very respectable 97 receptions for 1255 yards and 8 touchdowns.

3) George Kittle

Since Jimmy Garoppolo joined the San Francisco 49ers, Kittle has become a fantasy star. It seems like Garoppolo and Kittle have developed a chemistry in one and a half seasons that take some quarterback/tight end duos many more seasons to develop. He surprised us all last season and finished as the 2rd overall tight end with 88 receptions on 138 targets for a league high 1377 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns. It’s Kittle’s big play ability that makes him a special tight end. Kittle will have an amazing season with 80 receptions for 1290 yards and 5 touchdowns. He will finish the season 3rd overall behind Ertz and Kelce.

4) Vance McDonald

Vance McDonald? Yes, Vance McDonald. Last season both wide receivers on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster finished the season within the top 10 fantasy wide receivers with over 165 targets each. Another 112 targets were to the tight end position. Do you think a quarterback like Ben Roethlisberger is going to stop throwing? I don’t think so. With Antonio Brown and tight end Jesse James departure, it’s Vance McDonalds time to shine. Last season Vance McDonald quietly ended the season 12th overall at the tight end position with 50 receptions out of 73 targets for 610 yards and 4 touchdowns. This season Vance McDonald see an increase in both targets and touchdowns and will end the season 4th overall at the tight end position with 83 receptions for 845 yards and 6 touchdowns.

5) David Njoku

Entering his 3rd season in the league, David Njoku is primed for fantasy success. The Browns have an amazing offense between off season acquisitions and existing players. They could have one of the most dynamic offenses this season. Njoku has a similar offense to Travis Kelce. There will be more opportunity for Njoku to shine with opposing defenses figuring out which player to defend. Njoku has gotten better each season and will continue to do so. In 2018 Njoku finished 8th overall at the tight end position with 59 reception out of 89 targets for 639 yards and 4 touchdowns. Expect an increase of targets and touchdowns in 2019. Njoku will end the season 5th overall with 71 receptions for 744 yards and 7 touchdowns.

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