2019 Team Dossier #3: The Buffalo Bills

ECFF Projected Record: 5-11

The Buffalo Bills have some of the craziest and most dedicated fans in the NFL. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of Bills Nation. The fans are the best thing about this team this season. Their lineup and their schedule makes for a tough season.

First things first. There are no bad players in the NFL. Every single player has earned the right to play at an elite level. That being said, I do not like anything about the Bills this season. Put any of these players on a different team and it’s another story entirely. Together they just aren’t fantasy relevant.

2019 Offensive Players to Avoid:

The entire team. There is no single player on this team I would draft and/or start this season. I wouldn’t even draft a bench player just in case they have an amazing season. Blunt, I know but lets look at the facts. LeSean McCoy had a disappointing 2018 season with only 515 rushing yards, 3 rushing touchdowns, and 34 receptions for 238 yards. That is nothing to write home about. Frank Gore is now added to the mix. Gore might be getting old but he is always a good, reliable player. He will definitely take touches away from McCoy. The Bills ground game could be the best thing about this team this season but due to the inevitable time share, I don’t think that either of these players will help you out with fantasy points.

The Bills wide receiver 1 is John Brown. I have always liked John Brown, he is a more than capable receiver. But let’s take a look at who is throwing the ball. Sophomore quarterback Josh Allen. He ended the 2018 season with only 2074 passing yards, 10 touchdown passes and 12 interceptions. Allen also had a very respectable 631 rushing yards and 8 rushing touchdowns. Needless to say Allen doesn’t seem like he is a gunslinger quarterback which will greatly impact every wide receivers fantasy potential.

Josh Allen ended last season as the 22nd overall quarterback. He is not worth drafting this season. Whatever round you decide to draft a quarterback in, I am absolutely sure that you can pick up a much better player.

Lets Talk Defense:

In 2018 the Buffalo Bills defense was 21st overall with 36 sacks, and 27 total turnovers. The Bills drafted defensive tackle Ed Oliver out of Houston with their first pick and acquired corner back E .J. Gaines from Cleveland. Unfortunately I’m expecting the Bills defense to drop in the rankings to maybe as low as 26 overall this season. Avoid this defense in 2019.

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